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kapag hindi kayo makaakyat ng level
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

ndi ako marunong ng photoshop XD
nag-aaral ako :p

talo pa bulls T_T

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Back to GG ulit ako...
nakita ko itong post sa forums ng GG..
parang ako...
nagdodota kami pero meron rin kaming mabubuting hangarin para sa Pilipinas..
ito ay sulat na ginawa ng isang KOREAN tungkol sa Pilipinas...
sana ispread nyo salamat ^^

The message goes:
As you know, we have plenty of Koreans currently
studying in the Philippines to take advantage of
our cheaper tuition fees and learn English at the
same time.

This is an essay written by a Korean student i
want to share with you. (Never mind the grammar;
it's the CONTENT that counts) Maybe it is timely to
think about this in the midst of all the confusion
at present.

Jaeyoun Kim

Filipinos always complain about the corruption in
the Philippines . Do you really think the corruption
is the problem of the Philippines ? I do not
think so. I strongly believe that the problem is
the lack of love for the Philippines .

Let me first talk about my country, Korea .
It might help you understand my point.
After the Korean War, South Korea was one
of the poorest countries in the world. Koreans
had to start from scratch because entire country was
destroyed after the Korean War, and we had no
natural resources.

Koreans used to talk about the Philippines , for
Filipinos were very rich in Asia . We envy Filipinos.
Koreans really wanted to be well off like
Filipinos. Many Koreans died of famine.
My father & brother also died because of famine.
Korean government was very corrupt and is still very
corrupt beyond your imagination, but Korea was
able to develop dramatically because Koreans really
did their best for the common good with their heart
burning with patriotism.

Koreans did not work just for themselves but also
for their neighborhood and country. Education inspired
young men with the spirit of patriotism.

40 years ago, President Park took over the
government to reform Korea . He tried to borrow money
from other countries, but it was not possible to get a
loan and attract a foreign investment because the
economic situation of South Korea was so bad. Korea had
only three factories. So, President Park sent many mine
workers and nurses to Germany so that
they could send money to Korea to build a factory.
They had to go through horrible experience.

In 1964, President Park visited Germany to borrow
money. Hundred of Koreans in Germany came to the
airport to welcome him and cried there as they saw
the President Park . They asked to him, "President,
when can we be well off?" That was the only question
everyone asked to him. President Park cried with
them and promised them that Korea would be well
off if everyone works hard for Korea , and the President
of Germany got the strong impression on them
and lent money to Korea . So, President Park was
able to build many factories in Korea . He always
asked Koreans to love their country from their heart.

Many Korean scientists and engineers in the USA
came back to Korea to help developing country
because they wanted their country to be well off.
Though they received very small salary, they did their
best for Korea . They always hoped that their children
would live in well off country.

My parents always brought me to the places where
poor and physically handicapped people live. They
wanted me to understand their life and help them..
I also worked for Catholic Church when I was in the army..
The only thing I learned from Catholic Church was that we
have to love our neighborhood. And, I have loved my
neighborhood. Have you cried for the
Philippines? I have cried for my country several
times. I also cried for the Philippines because of so many
poor people. I have been to the New Bilibid
prison. What made me sad in the prison were the
prisoners who do not have any love for their country.
They go to mass and work for Church. They pray

However, they do not love the Philippines . I
talked to two prisoners at the maximum-security compound,
and both of them said that they would leave the
Philippines right after they are released from the
prison. They said that they would start a new life in other
countries and never come back to the Philippines .

Many Koreans have a great love for Korea so that
we were able to share our wealth with our neighborhood.
The owners of factory and company were distributed their
profit to their employees fairly so that employees could
buy what they needed and saved money for the
future and their children.

When I was in Korea , I had a very strong faith and
wanted to be a priest. However, when I came to the Philippines ,
I completely lost my faith.
I was very confused when I saw many unbelievable
situations in the Philippines . Street kids always make me sad,
and I see them everyday. The Philippines is the only Catholic
country in Asia , but there are too many poor people here.
People go to church every Sunday to pray, but nothing has
been changed.

My parents came to the Philippines last week and
saw this situation. They told me that Korea was much poorer
than the present Philippines when they
were young. They are so sorry that there are so
many beggars and street kids. When we went to Pasangjan,
I forced my parents to take a boat because
it would fun. However, they were not happy after
taking a boat. They said that they would not take the boat
again because they were sympathized the
boatmen, for the boatmen were very poor and had a
small frame. Most of people just took a boat and enjoyed it.
But, my parents did not enjoy it because of love
for them.

My mother who has been working for Catholic Church
since I was very young told me that if we just go to
mass without changing ourselves, we are not
Catholic indeed. Faith should come with action.
She added that I have to love Filipinos and do good things
for them because all of us are same and have received a great
love from God. I want Filipinos to love their
neighborhood and country as much as they love God
so that the Philippines will be well off.

I am sure that love is the keyword, which Filipinos
should remember. We cannot change the sinful structure at once.
It should start from person. Love must start in everybody,
in a s mall scale and have to grow. A lot of
things happen if we open up to love. Let's put away
our prejudices and look at our worries with our new eyes.

I discover that every person is worthy to be
loved. Trust in love, because it makes changes possible.
Love changes you and me. It changes people, contexts and
relationships. It changes the world. Please love your
neighborhood and country.

Jesus Christ said that whatever we do to others we
do to Him. In the Philippines , there is God for people who
are abused and abandoned. There is God who is crying for love.
If you have a child, teach them how to love the Philippines .
Teach them why they have to love their neighborhood and country.
You already know that God also will be very happy if you love others.

That's all I really want to ask you Filipinos.

sana spread nyo...
salamat ^^
mahaba ba? hahaha...
ito un website oh

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

1. have you ever thought you were
- nope... sinasabi ko lang pero hindi ko iniisip (ang gulo ^_^)

2. alcoholic ka ba?
- hindi rin... ikaw?

3. how many months to go before your
- hindi ako marunong magbilang eh bilangin mo hanggang october ^_^

4. sumuka ka na ba sa sobrang hilo?
- hindi pa (ata)

5. ano pinapakinggan mo ngayon?
- wala kasi tulog na mga tao ^_^

6. namamato ka ba ng bato?
- kapag nagutom ako.. para may tinapay ^_^

7. is your landline listed in the
telephone directory?
- wala kami directory nasa "newspaper drive" lagi

8. miss mo na ba crush mo?
- oo, syempre :D

9. are you reading anything right now?
- I'm reading what I type (waw ang gulo ko)

10. naka-gulpi ka na ba ng tao?
- hindi pa...

11. do you have any frustrations?
- wala...

12. nang mamanyak ka ba?
- ano un? (inosente :D)

13. if given the chance, will you join
big brother?
- basta makikita ko mukha ni big brother eh hehehe...

14. napa-iyak ka na ba sa sakit ng
- hindi pa... iniinda ko ang sakit :D

15. if someone called you right now,
would you take the call?
- of course, minsan lang ako nagkakacaller

16. do you have a favorite nursery
- I have yahOO!! basta yung kinompose namin ng crush ko ^_^

17. do you like your handwriting?
- kapag nakita ko yung handwriting ni Andrew Fajardo :D

18. handa ka bang mamatay para sa
iniibig mo?
- oo, pero syempre pipilitin ko paring mabuhay kami pareho diba ^^

19. do you want to be a different
in your next life?
- ayaw kO!

20. have you ever trespassed someone
else's house?
- oo meron na! yung bahay ng nanay ko XD

21. marunong ka bang magRO?
- Marunong pero hindi naglalaro ^_^ Ran nalang o GB o GG :D

22. do you think someone thinks of you
every night?
- hindi na kailangan isipin! kasi meron naman talaga

23. what did you want to be when you
were young?
- Taxi Driver wahooH!

24. masakit bang masuntok?
- ay oo lalo na yung suntok nung isang babae sa Camia (peace c(^_^)v)

25. how many languages can you speak?
- 3 tagalog/ "filipino", english at language ng mga caveman o aliens... ablululubla!

26. are you hungry?
- oo...

28. nakasakay ka na ba ng kalabaw?
- baka daw mapilay eh ^_^

29. why do you answer surveys like
this one?
- gusto ko sana babuyin kaso baka may magalit ^^

30. nayakap mo na ba crush mo?
- hindi pa... nakasayaw lang ng konan ^_^

31. last food you ordered at
- Chicken Joy!!!

32. naglalaro ka ba ng apoy?
- oo, kaso madaling matunaw yung candila eh ^^

33. the last person who called you?
- ummm.. chiklet ^^

34. masaya ka ba sa buhay mo ngayon?
- kung masaya siya, masaya rin ako! (naks)

Isa pa ulit!!

1. when
is your BiRTHDAY?
-October 16, 1992-

2. what is your favorite COLOR?

3. who is in your MiND now?
-crush ^^-

4. are you now in LOVE with someone?

5. do you have a GiRLFRiEND/BOYFRiEND
now? -sa panaginip-

6. which TYPE of person are you?
-happy type (streght type kapag dota)-

7. what are you THiNKing of now?
-answer to this stupid question-

8. do you like MUSiC?
-of course-

9. what type of GiRLFRiEND/BOYFRiEND
do u want? -unique one-

10. who made you feel HAPPY today?

11. is today a perfect DAYYY for you?

12. your DREAM age?
-2 yrs.old-

13. your PETS name?

14. what do you want RiGHT now?
- sapatos na lumilipad! magic wallet saka time machine! -

15. who are your favorite friends?
-si kwan-

16. what is your favorite thing to do?
-bonding with friends (online o internet shop) saka matulog at kumain-

17. what genre of music you like?
-alternative rock-

18. what is your biggest FEAR?
-global warming? :)) nerd-

19. who do you LOVE the most?
- JESUS, my pamili ang prends-

20. what would you wish?
-magkaroon pa ng tatlong wisH!-

No Matter how long it takes
I will be writing..

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ito sa mga hindi pa nakaka-alam...
hindi niyo ba alam na Probie ako?
Hindi bali...
Masaya naman ang school year...
hindi ko makakaila na mahirap ang Second Year
pero hindi pa dito nagtatapos ang laro ng buhay
kailangan pa nating matutuo ng sapat na kaalaman
para maiusad ang economia at maging masaya...
anlalim ba?
hindi ah....
Hindi ako naninisi ng ibang tao kung bakit ako probie...
kasalan ko rin naman eh
yung com sci wala ako defence...
e 40% un nng 35% ng grade....( ummm... basta)
sa English naman...
may deduction yung aming project...
kaya yun...

*I'll make this ay Korneek as possible*

Ang masasabi ko lang ay...
namimiss ko na ang Jade *next post Camia naman...* (parang ganun na rin ^o^[hindi nyo alam kung bakit noh])
Naaalala mo ba ang oras na.....
Naging 2nd ang Jade sa mga competition...
ang mga pawis (wag naman dugo)
lungkot at ligaya
kantahan at sayawan
na diranas natin noong Paskorus...
nung ako'y naging Darth JadeR ^^
nung "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo"

magkatabi pa kami ni crush dito (ammmmmf...)
Naalala niyo pa ba ang...
mga English House hold Groups
Triple Eggs
Ang group na 4th (hindi na oust eh :D) noong 1st quarter...
kagroupo ko sila Andrew...
dito palang patawa na si Andrew ^^
ang curse ng fifth row...
ito ung group na...
5th :D
ito yung kagroup ko ulit si Andrew... at si crush ^^
may alliance pa nga ehh
aBENJers - the scaBENJers reBENJ
ito ang pinaka masayang group...
hindi lang dahil nandito si benj...
hehehe ^^ alam nyu na ^^
tapos yung skit ^^
saka yung mga advertisments...
yung nag direct si SteBENJ Speilberg
Joey's Angels pa...
kame yun..
nanalo kame by 3 points ^^
galeng namen ^^
dahil sa apocalypse

tapos yung Filipino subject...
marami ako natutunan kay ma'am Sanchez
kahit minsan pinapalabas kami ^^
tapos yung CS
nagoover time kame
dahil nagiinternet hehehe...
tapos yung mga kantahan sa Canteen sa Classroom...
Yung banda ng JADERS 09!!
yung SHB-305...
tapos yung mga projects na ginawa ni Sir Luy!!
yung mosaic! enjoy!
yung project sa Tech Prep!!
1st kami ^^
may camera pa!!!
yung Stargazing
na hamugan ako...
tapos dumating si Sir
dun kayo sa space ng mga girls!
sabi namin waah manunuod nalang kame ng the CORE ^^
hindi ako nakatulog nun eh..
nakita ko pa Venus..
xempre First ang Jade...
Ang mga Jade Reunion...
dahil sa Paskorus naglalaro tayo ng "foosball"
at mga ibang laro pa
tulad ng True Colors kung saan ako ang nanalo...
ang rami ko ang gustong ikwento...
kung pwede nga lang ibalik ang oras...
naaalala ko rin yung birthday namin ni Hannah ^^
sa Jade bago mag "BAKASYON"
naalala ko rin yung mga tawanan sa ES
"The World is Flat it is stationary"
saka yung mga
"You Hoodlooms(si Benjie XD)"
napagalitan pa si Benjie noon eh...
saka yung mga...
Val ED!! perio...
perfect namin yun eh
saka mga kwento ni sir
yung KOnan amf...
hehehe no comment...

:D yun lang antok na me :P

No Matter how long it takes
I will be writing..

4/11/2007 02:00:00 AM}

Monday, April 09, 2007

Wah... nahulaan na ni Ate Rae ^_^
pero dun sa mga di pa nakakahula...
ito Clue # 2
Hindi siya umaatend sa mga social events...
wala siyang friendster...
kawawa naman ako...

Woi nahihirapan kayo?
dali na yan...

feeling ko magaling na ako sa Computers :D
natangal ko mga spyware XD
puro naman spyware ehh...
walang virus...
amf :D

For Your Information (FYI)

Maraming pekeng anti-spyware sa net...
kaya ang mapapayo ko lang sayo...
Spyware Doctor...
pero ewan ko kung yun nga ang pinaka maganda...
:D basta... yun yun...

Ran Update:

Level 55 XD
naka Dynamic BaGua Blade +1
XD nabili ko 100k amf....
hehehe :D
kaclan ko na sila Daryll atbp.

Ito kasi kwento nun...

Kakagaling ko lang sa Campus tapos may nakita akong may pangalan na LucaBlite(not sure kung yan yung exact) sabi ko
Woi.... May naglalaro ng suikoden 2!!!
Luca Blite (Luca Blight dapat XD): wow pano mo nalaman?
ako: pangalan mo po ^_^
Luca Blite: hehehe... naglalaro ka rin ng Suikoden?
ako: opo! natapos mo na ba? nakuha mo ba si McDohl?
Luca: hindi ehh... pero natapos ko na...
ako: hehehe... okiieee... tara pa level tayo sa sports field
Luca (low level palang ^_^): kk
tapos nun....
wow may burr!!(hindi kame nakakuha nakita lang namin sa MAMAW nanaghuhunt :D)
ako: sige nga magkano binebenta ang burr
Luca: mga 400k
ako: wow!!! siguro high level ka na!!
Luca: opo
ako: ano po gang mo?
(padrama syempre)
ako: siguro hindi ako makakasali dun T_T
Luca: pede!! basta adik ka pwedeng pwede....
Luca: wait ka lang dito gagamitin ko si "Roji_puma"(amf hindi ko alam ang proper capitalizatioN:D)
Roji: yan ok ba??
ako: waaah anong level mo na kuya?
Roji: wah basta.... (ininvite ako sa gang)
ako: lologin ulit ako(parang relog)
Roji: dali!
ako: (relogin)
Roji: sleep
ako: waaah meron bang sleep?
Roji: (ininvite ulit sa gang)
ako: (pinalitan yung nick)
Roji: good...
ako: ^_^ (nakita ko si -Levine- atbp sa listahan[di ko napansin yung badg])
ako: wow!! kasama ko mga klasmeyt ko sa gang!!
Roji: sino?
ako: sila Levine, Ecasilicon, saka si Raven^_^
tapos nun tinanong nya sakin...
Roji: babae ba si Eca?
ako: (may nakitang DS XD iniba usapan) woi may dark swordsman JR
Roji: tara patayin natin!

yun lang....
ok ba...
haba noh...

No Matter how long it takes
I will be writing..

4/09/2007 11:25:00 AM}

Sunday, April 08, 2007

CLUE # 1!
Siya ay girl, Batch 2009 at Jade 2009 ^_^
Syempre ang best clue ay...
Siya ay matangkad...
Dahil nga ako'y 10th na matangkad sa boys ng Jade
at siya ang pina matangkad na girl sa Jade...
kami Partner

Si Hannah naka 10 hula pa saka lang niya nahulaan...
ako pa nga nag sabi ehhh :p
SI *
yan!!! sobra sobra na clue!!!
xempre kung sino mauna mag/text/tag/email sakin
mananalo ng LUX NA!!!
nahulog prot pot eh..

100 pesos Ililibre ko kayo sa pasukan!! :D

Hindi Pwede humula taga-Jade/Camia
100 pesos rin yan bahala kayo hehehe :D
wait for Clue # 2 kung hindi niyo parin mahulaan ^_^

Kagang ko na sila Kuya Daryll
BlooD_October16 ata pangalan koo :D
;) level 54 palang meeee ;)

Woi PJ 300k mo meron na ulit hehehe...
pipilitin ko hindi magastos :D

No Matter how long it takes
I will be writing..

4/08/2007 01:21:00 PM}

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ito ang post
na kung saan ako'y magsasabi ng mga clues tungkol
sa aking crush ^_^
Pwede kayong manghula sa tagboard
<<< Remember: bawal manghula mga taga-Jade at Camia <<<
hehehe... kasi kung hinulaan niyo...
madali lang... kaya keep it to your selves :D
*NOTE* 3 chances only *NOTE*

Ito na ang story:
Siya ang babaeng una kong nakita sa Jade room :p
naka civilian... (first day eh :p)
walang kausap...
Pero since na kinausap ko siya (marami na akong friends -_-)
Kinausap narin nila siya :D
Lagi kaming magkagroupmates...
Lagi kaming nagkakausap...
tulad nung isang time na kami ang magkapartner nung Konan...
lagi kaming nagprapraktis...
ganun lang...
masaya rin siya kasama... kahit mas matanda siya saken...
Pinagtatangol niya rin ako...
kapag minsan ako'y natatalo ni Andrew sa Punong Braso
(nandadaya kasi si Andrew FAFAJARDO[Note: FA ay sadya para madaling mabunyag ang kanyang tunay na minamahal...])
Siya rin ang nagpahiram nung sword ni Darth Jader :D(ako yun bwahahaha...)
Kapag kami'y magkagroupo sa Ingles...
Kapag kami'y kumakanta ng aming kanta na "I Hate You, You Hate Me" na kasing tono ng "I love You, You love Me"
Kapag kami'y nagkakatabi sa bus ng Pisay (^_^)V
Alam na nila Andrew at ng iba kung sino ang crush ko...
ikaw alam mo na ba??
Watch out for Part 2 :p
Dadali lalo ;)

nahulaan nyo na ba??
text na!! sa 09228624456
or E-Mail to
Kaya tag nalang kayooo :D

Ang makuha ng tamang sagot ay dadaan sa electronic raffle...
at mananalo ng Prot. Pot :D
kung hindi ka nagraran...
at nag GGB ka...
Magkakagift ka saken :p worth 50k :D
at kung hindi ka naglalaro ng Online Games :D
lilibre nalang kita sa pasukan ng 50 pesos :D
kaya Text na!!/ Email/ Tag!!!


Ito pala "theme song" namin sabi ni FAfajardo...
kasi nga HINDI AKO TORPE...

nahihiya lang :p
That's all for the Good Friday...
mamamatay na ang Diyos mamaya...
3:00 po ha...

No Matter how long it takes
I will be writing..

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Of course after "Pisay Meets World" another great idea from SIR MARTIN :D

The Pisay 09 Blog :D


:D Don't forget to comment :D
Thank You

No Matter how long it takes
I will be writing..

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